Yeah! Burger @ Strongroom, Shoreditch

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  • Written by Natalie Hughes (Guest Author)
  • 3 years ago
'Burgers may not be your typical aphrodisiacal fare, but they’ll capture the heart of any fun-loving foodie.'

The Vibe

Yeah! Burger’s pop-up restaurant is nestled upstairs at Strongroom, the bar, restaurant and recording studio that’s occupied Shoreditch’s Curtain Road for almost two decades. This isn’t a fancy schmancy venue and that’s kinda the point. Unpretentious surroundings and a subtle whiff of the night before make for a casual dining experience, ideal for those daters who fancy themselves a touch rock ‘n’ roll.

The Order

One can’t accuse Yeah! Burger of half-heartedness, and not least because of the enthusiastic exclamation mark. Regulars on the festival circuit, they’re best known for their artery-clogging Scotch egg burger. Yup, that’s a patty smooshed betwixt a giant Scotch egg. Sadly this Frankenstein-like creation was only available for the summer, but there’s still a mouth-watering menu to seduce. I opted for the signature Yeah! burger, which is essentially a cheeseburger but with the magical addition of Yeah! sauce (a secret recipe which I tried, and failed, to elicit from our waitress). Turns out I’m a big fan of Yeah! sauce, as well as the crisp-yet-squishy brioche bun holding everything together.

The Game

This is neither the time or place for calorie counting – just consume the cheese balls, filled with bacon, jalapeno and, erm, cheese, and vow to re-start the diet tomorrow. If your date is a ‘chicken salad without the chicken, croutons or dressing’ kinda guy, maybe go elsewhere.

The Faults

A booking at Yeah! Burger entitles you to jump the party goer queue (which was already winding down Curtain Road at 7:45pm that Friday night), a fact seemingly unbeknownst to Strongroom’s overzealous bouncers. Don’t let the grumpy heavies deter you – just leave time for a five-minute dispute before dinner, after which time you’ll be lead through to those glorious, glorious burgers and the totally lovely Yeah! Burger team.

Sex Factor 

3. Cheese balls and moist burgers may not be your typical aphrodisiacal fare, but they’ll capture the heart of any fun-loving foodie. Take along your long-term lover, with whom you can feast aplenty and end up cuddled up on the sofa, food babies and Netflix in tow.

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