Vauxhall Street Food Garden, Vauxhall

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The Secret Street Food Garden

The Vibe

The Vauxhall Street Food Garden space has been designed specially to house a rotating roster of street food vendors and happily sits tucked away out of sight from the busy transport hub yet is only a stone’s throw away from the train and bus stations making it a great little lunch venue or after work spot.  It’s a fully self contained area and features Wi-Fi, decking, covered eating areas, dedicated inside and outside bars, comfortable seating areas and greenery, a little hideaway in the heart of the capital.

The Order

There are some super interesting multi cultural street food cuisines on the go here.  What do you fancy?  Whether it’s wood fired pizza, bespoke crepes, spicy Indian and Indonesian food, healthy and tasty Vegan food, exotic meats and burgers, jerk chicken, craft beers, French food or a salad and smoothie, there is something for every taste.  On the night we visited, we ate the ‘Naughty Nigel’ Gujarati wrap, slow cooked lamb and aubergine curry swaddled in a chapati with rice and raita, from Naughty Roti and chicken with charmoula wrap from Harissa and Lemon, a Moroccan food truck.  Both absolutely delectable.  It’s Pimms O’Clock at every hour of the day here and with a bit of sunshine peeking through the clouds, the party fairies will be saying get on it!  There is a happy hour from 5pm-7pm so get involved.

The Game

The street food garden is open from 11.30am until 9.30pm Monday to Friday so is an ideal lunch date location, especially if you happen to work in Vauxhall.  Your date will be impressed by the choice of food stalls on offer and you’ll definitely win brownie points for livening up a lunchtime which would otherwise have featured a Pret sandwich or home made salad.  The food’s so good you might even be tempted to take off your tie, hitch up your skirt, down a jug of Pimms between you and tell Saunders he can shove his 3pm Webex where the sun don’t shine. Trains and buses are unbelievably close which is great for ease of use and of course, should you need to do one in a hurry.

The Faults

Street food vendors are often shutting up shop at around 7.30pm-8.00pm (especially if they’ve run out of food or it’s raining as is wont to happen in London) so do make sure to get in there quick if heading for a post-work date.

Sex Factor

2. This could improve substantially if you get some amazing weather and the stars align to create the perfect atmosphere.

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