Tonkotsu, Selfridges

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  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 3 years ago
Singles at the counter

The Vibe

Setting aside the utter insanity of the pre-Christmas rush and the Boxing Day sales, Selfridge’s is in fact an incredibly nice place to be. The food hall is one of the store’s biggest pulls – and new home to Tonkotsu – the name that forefronted the aptly named “Ramengeddon” that has been hitting London. The counter here is informal, fast and friendly.

The Order

Ramen – in all its glory. The “Tonkotsu” is the classic and it’s a divine broth with generous slices of delicious pork belly. Be warned that ramen slurping may occur – perhaps ease into this one, it’s not a first date-r. The Chilli Chicken is also delicious, and throw in some sides – a portion of gyoza and a plate of their steamed broccoli – to make dinner feel a little more luxurious. Excellent half bottles of white and red wine are served here, so slack off the detox and share one of these.

The Game

Counter eating is cool, casual and perfect for combining with an evening at the theatre, cinema or as a token nod to food if you’re really keen to just hit up a West End bar. Meet beforehand; lead them through the chocolate department (swerving the wall of Valentine’s cards already in place) and check out the space situation before you both get h-anger. This is also the ideal spot for speed dating if you’re checking out a Tinder potential or trying desperately to stick to dry January.

The Faults

You’re in a food hall; it’s excellent for what it is.

Sex Factor


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