At SC, we’re not immune to the attraction of earning power.

So, we reward our current members with a generous referral scheme.

This is how the Bank of SC Works.

For each friend you refer to the club you earn 20 coins.

Save them or cash them in depending on what you want to buy with them.

Refer a friend by getting them to apply to the club, using your name as their proposer.

What You Get For Your Coins

 20 COINS = One guest pass for an upcoming event

40 COINS = Free Member Intro

60 COINS = Bottle of wine at your next event

Ts and Cs

The SC market is open for trading from Monday 20th February 2017.
The referral must activate their membership within 7 days of their application form.
Prior referrals do not count toward your point balance.
Points can be cashed in at any point and states will be released monthly.

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