Sugar Momma, NYC

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  • Written by Grace Probyn (Guest Author)
  • 6 months ago
This one's on Sugar Momma.

The Vibe:

Coffee shop by day and intimate restaurant by night, this new hot spot in FiDi is a force to be reckoned with. Saddle down next to each other on wooden benches and appear radiant in the red toned lighting. Be sure to take the perfect instagram shot under the neon ‘Hello Gorgeous’ sign and graze hands over sharing plates. This cool Aussie spot gives the impression of a well thought out first date. With strong cocktails, small plates to share, a killer hip hop playlist and a chilled out atmosphere, there’s nothing pretentious about this spot.

The Order:

Be ready as their ‘small’ plates are far from small. If you’re hungry or looking for a slow date then this is the spot. Order up the Crispy Farm Raised Pork and Shrimp & Crab Crackers, both of which will melt in your mouth and be better tasting than you’ve ever tried. Dip into the hummus and cauliflower dip to add a little spice to the palate and end with a cool satay chicken curry. Everything here tastes incredible so you can’t go wrong. And is over ordering even an issue anymore? Take for lunch the next day to reminisce over last night’s perfect date.

But of course, to wash it all down you must accompany with spicy margaritas all night long. Appearing out of gold curtains behind the bar, these jalapeno peppered cocktails are light and dangerous. Great to help you recover after a long day in the office.

The Game:

See who can guess the female centric movie on the wall first. This place is all about putting women first so let Sugar Momma take you for a night you won’t forget. Arrive together and grab the table in the window. Sit on the corner seats so you’re almost next to each other and watch the restaurant come to life. Keep the orders of cocktails coming and end the night with a peck in the courtyard out front.

The Faults:

As a natural Aussie hot spot, don’t be surprised if the date next to you looks hotter than yours. It’s the accent I swear!

Sex Factor:

3. This place isn’t meant to be sexy. It’s made for getting to know your date in a low key vibe.

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