Source, Battersea

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  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
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Exceptionally good food and wine

The Vibe

Battersea locals love it here, and smugly sit as the rest of London flocks to get a taste too. It’s cosy, intimate, combining a hint of Soho House style design with all the culinary sourcing and trendy focus on provenance of a Michelin starred restaurant. Super casual yet exceptionally good food and wine, arrange a date here and you’ll be in there – big time.

The Order

Everyone is catered for at Source – from full on foodies to flimsy fussy eaters – there are great husks of bread, or petite carrot amuse-bouches. Get a few starters and share them – you’ll only get food envy if you don’t. The lamb (Welsh, from Daphne’s farm obvs) and the beef (from Yorkshire, Swaledale if you must know) are both exceptional. If you’re visiting in summer months, check out their Riesling selection – they say it’s the new Rose. If it’s cold outside, hunker down with a bottle of red after a Damson cocktail.

The Game

Transport is a minor blip here so meet at the venue (it’s OK to pretend you didn’t get the bus if you think it’ll make you more attractive) plus you don’t want to walk over the bridge BEFORE dinner – that’s the after dinner treat, when it’s sparkling with lights. Start with cocktails and the Balthazar bread (yep, worth the carb consumption oh flimsies) then knuckle down to a full three courses with wine. Request a table by the window if possible so you can overlook the lock and discuss how you’d love to live on a houseboat one day….

The Faults

Nearby public transport. Enter Uber.

Sex Factor


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