Shotgun, Soho

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  • Written by Hannah Eva (Guest Author)
  • 3 years ago
Tom Bowles
The Vibe
Old School simple meets Wild West décor with a touch of pizazz. The elongated design of the space is evocative of a traditional “Shotgun” house from the deep South. Central London feels like thousands of miles away once you are ensconced inside and you get the distinct feeling that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid could walk in at any time. The music is at a low hum and the atmosphere is bubbling away as everybody enjoys the southern vibes. The staff are lovely, helpful and talkative which makes you feel so at home that you hardly want to leave!
The Order
So on to the main event. Go for the black skin chicken which is amazingly juicy having been smoked for two hours…doesn’t get much sexier. The mixed meats at £19 allows you to choose three meats and two sides so mix it up with the likes of Muscovy Duck Breasts, Middlewhite Boston Beef Butt, and Iberico Baby Back Ribs. You will not be disappointed. We had a selection of all the sides which included BBQ beans, sweet potato fondue (my favourite), potato salad and slaw. This is the ideal place to bring food fans and to share everything. Don’t overlook the starters either, they do sound odd but we really enjoyed the Pimento Cheese dip, and I saw the Broccoli and Cheddar soup going past and I must say that looked delicious too.  Bear in mind that this is meaty, cheesy and carby town so let’s just say this: exercise a little restraint. Ain’t nobody wants to kiss a greasy face.
The Game
The tables and seats are all quite close together so you don’t have a choice but to be intimate, which after a couple of drinks is a great thing (depending on your date). The cocktails are small and boozy. The location is also perfect for going on elsewhere for “one more” if the date is heading that way. Shotgun is also great for the in-coming long nights when all you want is to sit in a warm, cosy restaurant and chat the night away. It’s a breath of fresh air amongst the other Americana restaurants in London and really does stand out food and décor-wise. There are no brash neon lights to cause you to see stars and there’s just the right touch of understated glamour.
The Faults
It’s a bit of a squeeze and we thought there was a distinct lack of greens on the menu.

Sex Factor

3.  The décor and vibe is great but let’s be honest, who feels that sexy after eating a load of meat? Take it easy.


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