Rock n Roll Brunch – House of Ho, Soho

Welcome to the House of Ho

The Vibe

Celebrity chef Bobby Chinn is the man behind Soho’s modern Vietnamese restaurant House of Ho.  Half Egyptian, half Chinese and schooled in a number of boarding schools around the world, Chinn is less of a ‘traveller’ and more of a glitzy chef who has created a place where the food is good, not gourmet, and the vibes are upbeat and boozy.

For dates, the relatively dark setting, even in the day, is a real comfort and the Rock n Roll backdrop on Sundays eclipses awkward silences. The room is a mixture of birthday groups –who couldn’t believe their ears when they heard the price (£29 for bottomless Prosecco and endless plates), best friends catching up, 30something double daters and couples still early on in their romance and intent on ‘experiencing everything London has to offer’. Bottomless brunch? Tick.

The Order

For 29 of your finest pounds you get: a welcome lychee Bellini, a choice of three small plates to start, a main course with ‘Morning Glory’ and rice, a dessert and, our raison d’etre, bottomless Prosecco top ups. Stars of the menu are the signature ‘Shaking Beef’ (spicy, tender morsels), a simple but meltingly delicious baked aubergine and one of the freshest, crunchiest shredded chicken salads I’ve eaten. For those who care, the menu is ludicrously vegan/vegetarian friendly, so one for eco-warriers who are bored of Mildred’s.

The Game

How complex can a game be when you’re swimming in small plates and bubbles? In fact, it might be an idea to play the anti-game here: watch what you drink, leave merry but not plastered and try not to take them home.

Ask to be sat side by side on a table for 4 (perhaps cheekily book for that number) and nudge closer as you lift the bottle to top them up. Then when you’re satiated (it’s a 2 hour slot), walk from Soho to Old Street for some much needed fresh air and end up with a coffee at Shoreditch Grind before depositing them on the tube.

The Faults

Darkness on a sunny day is not for everyone, but we loved it.

Sex Factor


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