Rex Whistler, Tate Britain, Millbank

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  • Written by Louis Fernando (Guest Author)
  • 3 years ago
Eggy bread with sliced peaches and maple syrup...need we say more?

The Vibe

Classy. Relaxed. Quiet. If your idea of a perfect date is one spent deep in hushed conversation in stunning surroundings, then a booking for brunch at the Rex Whistler restaurant in the Tate Britain is strongly recommended. Once described as ‘The Most Amusing Room in Europe’ due to the mural adorning its walls entitled ‘The Expedition in Pursuit of Rare Meats’, this spectacular room is a national treasure, which every Londoner should visit at least once.

The Order

You’ve come for brunch so prepare yourself for a finely tipped take on the classics. Eggs Benedict and Royale (the latter which swaps ham for smoked salmon) both hit the mark. Also don’t miss the ‘Eggy Bread’, a British answer to French toast served with freshly sliced peaches and maple syrup drizzled atop.   In need of a drink?  The Rex Whistler Bloody Mary makes an impact, employing horseradish infused vodka and a secret ‘Tate spice mix’ to keep you sharp. Order two.

The Game

Gallery visits can indeed open the door to some more interesting and romantic enterprises and allow you to move away from the well worn path of ‘no reservations’ restaurants, shoebox bars and sweaty nightclubs.

Are you ready for a morning brunch date? This isn’t for the faint-hearted, and there’s little in the way of passing distractions. However once you’re deep in conversation, it’ll breeze right by.

The Rex Whistler is the domain of the culture vulture so make sure you’re prepared. Dress smart -dress and heels or a sports jacket for men won’t be out of place here. Bone up on the current exhibitions and permanent collections at the TATE, you’ll want to stop by afterwards.

Brunch at the Tate is served once a week on Saturday mornings. Perfect for a quiet morning after a rowdy Friday night.

The Faults

You’ve really got to be a morning person to make this one work. If you don’t have the confidence nor the conversation to go the distance, maybe save this one until you do.

Sex Factor


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