PIX PINXTOS, Portobello

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  • Written by Linda Cooke (Guest Author)
  • 4 years ago
pix portobello
PIX and mix

The Vibe

PIX reminds me of how I imagine many a pinxto bar in Barcelona; slightly gothic décor with sexy lighting, cosy corners, ever replenishing fresh small plates, a drinks list to make your liver quiver and filled to the brim with late-night party-seeking international Erasmus students.  In short: youthful, lively and fun.

The Game

I’m a lady.  I don’t kiss and tell.  Ha.  Who am I kidding?  We met for a pre-drink at the pub on the corner to take the edge off our busy days.  Once the ice was broken, we sauntered deep in conversation down to PIX where we were greeted by pretty, smiley faces.  We ordered some wine and proceeded to chat more.  The pretty, smiley faces came to our table with a fresh batch of garlicky, tomatoey meatballs and I couldn’t resist…next followed calamari with aioli.  We were feeling relaxed and enjoying the evening.  Mate, not going to lie.  Only a couple of portions of pinxtos + three bottles of wine + approximately 20 fags and we were headed off in separate directions – mid week drunken hell being my destination.  We’d exhausted ourselves going hell for leather on the wine but did make a promise to make another date.  Still waiting on the phone call.  #ohgod.

The Order

Tasty pinxto titbits such as olives, Calamares with Aioli, Diablo meatballs, seared tuna pipperade on crusty bread, patatas bravas and Salted Cod coquetas are all very pleasing if a teensy bit carb heavy.  That said, what more do you need when supping a delicious glass of Catalunya’s finest white wine?  It serves the dual purpose of soaking up the alcohol and satiating your need for something to nibble on.  PIX does have something for everyone, including your garden variety fusspot date.  You can quite easily just have some bread and olives and hop, skip and jump into the chocolate sauce with churros for dessert.  Hurray.

The Faults

Lightweights beware – it’s easy to drink more than you eat here given the nature of the pinxto set-up.  Stay classy and be careful, London.

Friends of Augustus Gloop also beware eyes-bigger-than belly syndrome…the pinxtos aren’t expensive but it all adds up fairly fast, greedy face!

Sex Factor

4. if you’re lucky enough to snag a private snug in the secret bar downstairs, it won’t be long before you are the Mayor of Snogsville and in the words of my close personal friend, Beyoncé, “You got the green light.  Give it to mama.”  Pay up quickly and cab it to whoever lives closest.

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