Mews Pizza Co, Mayfair

  • DATE #365
  • Written by Linda Cooke (Guest Author)
  • 3 years ago
Find me in the lanes of Mayfair

The Vibe

A buzzy little pizzeria with an outside space that couldn’t be any more perfect if it tried.  Nestled in a tiny little lane off Brook Street, which is lit up by romantic lanterns when dark, lies a dating oasis, friends. Come, let me tell ye.  Book a table, outside if warm and inside if chilly (ask to be seated with a view out over the lane, if possible), your date will swoon a bit at the cutesy-ness of the location.  It feels like dating for Borrowers: everything appears so narrow and olde worlde.  The lane is full of cosmopolitan folk and is a complete dating coup re: atmos.  Sit back and enjoy your evening, you’ve chosen like a boss.

The Order

Pizza is brill for dates.  It’s easy, it’s quick (in case you need to shovel and run) and most importantly, it’s fun and usually brings a smile to the face.  Start off with an Aperol Spritz or glass of Prosecco and ease yourself into the hefty task of  menu perusal.  Order a bottle of wine and enjoy the flow of conversation as the food comes and goes.  Keep a bit of room, mind because you will want to share a sweet pizza of strawberry, white chocolate and basil or the Nutella and marshmallow calzone.  Do try this at home…Weekend daters, take note that Mayfair Pizza Co. do serve brunch pizzas including the Full Italian (black pudding, pancetta, sliced Italian sausage, cherry tomatoes and baked beans…) which is certainly a novel way to kick off the weekend in anybody’s book!  Experiential daters, you can book in for Pizza master classes…

The Game

One small street, one whole world of opportunity.  This is good for a Friday night, gonna-throw -everything-including-the-kitchen-sink-at-it date.  Meet after work at Bond Street tube after having updated your look to evening and soak up London’s Friday vibes as you stroll the short distance to Mayfair Pizza Co.  Keep it super classy and take it easy during supper.  Once you’ve either treated your date or gone Dutch, then you can begin London’s smallest but perhaps best bar crawl…staying on the same little street, enjoy a cocktail at Mews of Mayfair in a completely different setting or just cross the lane for a different vista, next hit up Hush for Bellinis or Champagne cocktails and finally see what Cartizze has to offer you as the clock approaches midnight.  Don’t forget to order carriages before you both turn into pumpkins.

The Faults

More sober atmosphere inside the restaurant but you can make your own fun.

Sex Factor


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