Mahiki, Kensington

  • DATE #490
  • Written by Grace Probyn (Guest Author)
  • 8 months ago
If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

The Vibe:

It’s a Wednesday evening in the middle of a London winter. It’s raining and I’m heading half way across London in search of the new Mahiki. Tucked off the main high street, it’s easy to miss but once you’re there be ready to transport through waves of Caribbean coconut smells. The vibe is similar to their original in Mayfair but smaller, giving it a more intimate vibe and the springboard for some wild affairs.

You could perch at the bar and glug down very strong cocktails but I’m glad I didn’t. Instead we drifted towards a booth, nestled in and ordered some of the best sushi around.

It may be a club, but their menu is far from tacky. Instead it’s refined, fresh and perfect for a sharing date.

The Order:

We racked up quite the order with tapas style plates of California Rolls, Spicy Chilli edamame and rock shrimp to get started. If anyone looked over it were as if we hadn’t eaten for weeks. Chop sticks flying it’s easy to crack jokes over the failed attempts of picking up the food. Washed down with ‘The Night Rattler’ and ‘Missionary’s Rescue’, the cocktails were strong and moreish and went straight to the knees. The Wagyu beef and truffle gyoza we’re the overall best plate of the night, so much so we ordered double! Dragging the gyoza through the truffle sauce time and time again, and chasing with the fresh grilled spicy octopus.

The Game:

The Wednesday night vibe was chilled if not a little empty. But book in for a late night snack, grab a booth and get ready for when the DJ kicks in at 11pm. Perfect for a date you might want to escalate quickly.

The Faults:

The cocktails are strong and the plates small. A recipe for over indulgence but not necessarily a bad thing when the first date nerves set in. Oh, and don’t wear something Hawaiian – even if the trend this summer is the following – you might be mistaken for the staff!

The Sex Factor:

3 early evening. 4 late night.


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