Mac & Wild, Fitzrovia

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  • Written by Louis Fernando (Guest Author)
  • 3 years ago
Donald, where's yer troosers?

The Vibe

Fitzrovia can be a right ol’ nightmare when it comes to finding a decent date venue. Years of being the ‘poor sister’ to Soho’s bustling bar and restaurant scene means that all the best new places are either rammed with leery media types or quickly annexed by the BBC as an off-site canteen. Nevertheless, just when you thought Soho was set to steal all the glory for the quirkiest and fun openings this year, along came Mac & Wild.

The Order 

Mac & Wild is a Scottish wild venison, game and seafood restaurant which sets itself on an axis between the North of Scotland and Central London. Following a seasonal and rustic theme, the menu is divided into ‘wee plates’ (snacks), starters, steaks, mains and sides with a short list of desserts appearing separately later. The wines are laid out on a large menu with great value options available for all budgets. Both the food and drink are excellent, however it’s the staff here that really bring this together. They’re all total stunners and completely on point, managing the balance between maintaining the rhythm of service whilst still pausing to engage in friendly chat whenever the opportunity arises.

The Game

Now you would think that the overtly meaty tone and presentation of this establishment might threaten to send Mac & Wild straight into ‘steakhouse date’ territory (an option which many would agree to be incredibly unadventurous). However, the Caledonian warmth and charm of the place and the fact that it’s straight up fun is really its strongest suit.

Don’t wait around, make a booking, get straight in there and have a whale of a time enjoying the whole experience. Start with an ‘Auld Pal’ whisky cocktail, have a ‘haggis pop’ and the Mackerel to cleanse the palate. Feeling confident? Share a Venison Chateaubriand. Delicious as they are, maybe give the potatoes a swerve unless you’re planning on having a nap later. Still going well? Share some Cranachan and collar the bartenders to guide you through a few drams from their impressive list. Wrap up before the renditions of Auld Lang Syne begin.

The Faults 

None that we could see.

Sex Factor 

4.  A Caledonian class act all the way

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