Jackson & Rye, Richmond

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  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 3 years ago
Sunday brownie points date

The Vibe

Brunch – the places all blur into one sometimes, like ‘gastropubs’ and ‘Prohibition bars’. To stand out from the crowd takes some doing these days when we all seem a little wary to be wowed. Jackson & Rye is set in a majestic building as close to the river as can be. There’s a stunning bar area that wouldn’t look out of place in Mayfair; cosy dark booths that invite you to stay for hours, and window tables that make you feel as though you’re a million miles away from the City. Take your date here on a Sunday and you’ll ride high on brownie points for the rest of the week.

The Order

There is zero chance you’ll struggle with this all-encompassing menu. You’re craving juices, coffee and eggs – you’ll get it. Want to splash out on pancakes, maple cured bacon and Bloody Marys?  No problem. The mains merge helpfully into lunch and dinner options so regardless of the time of day you can easily go for three courses and a bottle of wine. Portions are large so either pace yourself a little, or use it for the morning after refuel.

The Game

Incorporate the river into this date because it’s an absolute winner and you really do feel a little as though you’re on some dreamy Cotswold staycation rather than 30 minutes from Waterloo. Have a drink at the bar to ramp up the date aspect, as it’s easy once you sit down to not move again. When led to your table, succumb and indulge whilst gazing out at the rowers, runners and Richmond people meandering up and down. If you’ve opted for a late lunch, make the most of the river by night and wander between the bridges that are both close by.

The Faults

You’re going to be full here – either work up an appetite, or embrace the indulgence.

Sex Factor


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