Graphic Bar Residency, Ask For Janice.

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  • Written by Grace Probyn (Guest Author)
  • 11 months ago
A gin-soaked affair

The Vibe

If you’re a lover of gin, then you’ve come to the right place. Set in the basement of quirky but cool, Ask For Janice, Graphic Bar has taken over the basement, creating a dimly lit, concrete haven to get completely gin saturated. After walking through the artsy Wednesday night crowd upstairs, we were led by a hand-written cardboard sign into a pit of drunkeness. With a top notch hip hop playlist and the chance to pin your polaroid up on the wall, this place screams FUN. Since it’s relatively unknown, we were the first to walk into the room, until joined by a few other couples an hour later. An empty room can be nerve racking on a first date, but the level of gin in the cocktails will be sure to make them disappear quick!

The Order

The order is simple. Stick to gin. Their seasonal Rumple Pumpkin cocktail with a savoury gin and Halloween vibes et the tone for the night, followed by a not-so-typical Gin & Tonic and finished off with an egg white-topped Gin Sour. And to keep the conversation flowing, order some food from the AFJ small plates menu such as spiced lamb shoulder, slow cooked chorizo, pork belly and AFJ potatoes. All are mouth watering and sure to soak up some of the alcohol, ensuring the conversation can keep flowing. You’ll leave savouring the flavours but not feeling stuffed.

The Game

Arrive together and bustle through the upstairs crowd and into the basement bar. Choose a table under the light so there’s a chance you’re able to read the menu. Then slowly go through the cocktail menu, hitting each gin cocktail one by one. Share stories of drunken nights gone wrong – hoping this one doesn’t fall into the list – get chatting to the couple on the next table about the winning playlist and stumble out together to catch the last train home. A casual and perfect environment for that cheeky first kiss, which you can laugh off as alcohol induced. Wake up the next day with little memories of the night, besides the laughter.

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