Gallery Mess – Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea

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  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 3 years ago

The Vibe

Oh it’s always fun to play at a little touch of sophistication isn’t it? Dinner with white table cloths and well-dressed waiters with pieces of modern art splashed all over the walls.  Gallery Mess is next door to Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea’s Duke of York Square and the ideal date setting – especially for these warm summer evenings.

The Order

Going with the ‘Food is Art’ theme, the dishes here are dotted with edible flowers and delicate flavours. There’s an excellent set menu but you may not want to miss out on the Gin and Tonic cured salmon or the Grilled Poussin. There’s an impressive bar here and if you’re not tempted by their summery cocktails, it’s certainly an appropriate venue for a glass of champagne.

The Game

The dating gods have created a fool proof formula for you here. You’ve got a beautiful restaurant with plenty of talking points – there’s a giant sculpture of a shoe, people watching galore and artfully presented dishes. Go to the (free) gallery next door first and take things from there. If there’s potential, suggest a drink at Gallery Mess and if it’s all stations go then extend it to dinner. Ideal for evenings, the square becomes fairy lit as dusk falls. *Sigh*

The Faults

It’s Chelsea at its most Chelsea, possibly not for hipsters.

Sex Factor


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