The Pig and Butcher, Islington

  • DATE #96
  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 5 years ago

The Vibe

Oh gastropubs – that increasingly thrown about category in foodie chatter that now seems to refer to anywhere that has slate chalk boards, Tyrell’s crips and seasonable produce on the menu. What they don’t all have however is warmth, a welcome by a stout strong manager in a Hawaiian shirt, swift and cheery service from knowledgeable staff and a menu that will have the most devoted diners asking questions or googling ‘Panzanella’ and ‘Salmagundi’ under the table. A five minute walk from Angel, The Pig and Butcher restaurant is filled with a mix of couples and groups of friends with candlelight and cosy corner tables conducive to date night displays of affection.

The Order

Changes on a daily basis to the menu prove the sourcing credentials of this place, which proudly tells you the locations of not only its meat and fish but also the fruit and vegetables used. The food is simple yet dishes like the heritage tomatoes with dal molise buffalo mozzarella or wild mallard duck with creamed lentils and cavolo nero are imaginative and so flavoursome that you’ll both be drooling over the dishes- they lend themselves easily to sharing or tasting forkfuls of. Start the night with a Kamm and Sons ginseng spirit and bitter lemon (made with top secret and utterly delicious ingredients) before moving on to a bottle from the impressive wine list.

The Game

Liverpool Road is up and coming. Thankfully The Pig and Butcher is close to the Angel end and the walk through no man’s land is minimal and not worth a taxi. Heeled boots for girls and a shirt for guys (unless you’re post work suited) give a nice sense of occasion and nods at the restaurant’s blend of sophisticated yet casual. Go to your table on arrival and enjoy a drink there whilst perving on other’s people’s food and discussing what a ‘Lord of the Hundreds’ might be. Take your time over dinner – you can play this two ways after; a lengthy goodbye under the street lamps outside before hailing a taxi and texting on the way home, or another bottle at the bar before moving onto Upper Street and inevitably back to theirs.

The Faults

Some of the tables are closely packed together so there is potential to have to elegantly shimmy your way out if you need the loo mid meal. This is avoidable by booking in advance and asking for one set slightly apart.

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