Archer Street, Soho

  • DATE #92
  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 6 years ago
Swaggeringly romantic cocktail bar

The Vibe

In amongst the gay clubs and restaurants that don’t take reservations, there is a new kid on Soho’s block. A sophisticated lounge bar which becomes ever more lively/debauched as the night unfolds, Archer Street offers candlelit table service and spontaneous entertainment from its rather dexterous staff. Cocktails are shaken, champagne corks are popped and bottles of wine are poured with aplomb as everyone from gaggles of girlfriends, entwined lovers and after work drinkers flock to the venue.

The Order

The cocktail list seems to divide itself between the male and female with girly options like the Oriental Rose pitted against the more masculine Cuban Cigar or Earl of Archer. Start with your preferred choice and then swap over and delicately sample a sip of the other. There are relatively few long drinks here, and there’s only so long you can make a martini-size serving last, so move swiftly on to a bottle of bubbles or a smooth red.

The Game

The beauty of this place is that they’ll take reservations (increasingly rare these days) so call ahead and book yourselves some cozy armchairs or high stools. Arrivals can be timed in two ways – either straight from work (where you’ll get tipsy on the fact that you haven’t eaten and then probably end up staying once the entertainment starts up) or after dinner (where you’ll walk in, get swept away in the buzz and blaring 90s pop tunes and start snogging each other like 16 year olds at a disco).  Don’t rely on the food here – it’s inclusion on the menu is but a token gesture – and instead stumble out before midnight and fall into Gelupo for late night gelato.

The Faults

Once the music turns up, conversation is challenging. And the slightly camp entertainment could prove a little much for men uncomfortable at being in Soho in the first place.

Sex Factor

3 – anything goes here and public displays of affection seem wildly appropriate as Britney blares out and your stomach remains empty.

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