Cellar Door, Aldwych

Cellar Door bar London
Wildean debauchery

The Vibe

This cellar bar in an old public toilet is intimate to say the least. Like a New York speakeasy, Cellar Door is dark and close, serving flamboyant cocktails and introducing live acts each night. The stand up comics are practically on your lap so expect some interaction. There’s a strange sense of being able to get away with anything and drink until you’re legless, as long as you are willing to interact with other couples there and not cut yourself off into a little world of two. This should be the second stage of the date, after an initial more peaceful bar or restaurant. The cabaret, dark setting and snuff boxes all build on an atmosphere of eroticism and Wildean debauchery- the perfect preamble to the bedroom.

The Order

Absinthe Martini, Gin Collins, Moscow Mule. Salty bar snacks if needed.

The Game

Drink, drink, drink my friend. If the conversation is drying up, loosen things up by striking up a conversation with the crowd around you (easy to do). Once you’re more comfortable, share a joke at the bar about ‘losing the hangers on’, have another drink and leave blind drunk, straight to yours.

The Faults

If you cringe at cabaret or camp shows, avoid it.

Sex Factor

4- providing you don’t get so drunk that you have to excuse yourself, this is a sure fire ticket to the bedroom.


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