Cinnamon Soho, Soho

  • DATE #87
  • Written by Miss Patty Smyth (Guest Author)
  • 5 years ago
Modern Indian bites

The Vibe

Grabbing a curry on a date is full of pitfalls. Halitosis, dodgy paintings of semi-nude Indian goddesses and the general feeling of having over-eaten is not pleasant. Luckily, Cinnamon Soho is not your typical Indian restaurant. It provides light modern Indian fare in a sleek and minimal restaurant. The sister restaurant of The Cinnamon Club and The Cinnamon Kitchen, it feel’s young, upbeat and relaxed. The minimal design, clean lines and use of wood makes it a great place to concentrate on your date, and the food and drinks. Unlike many other places in Soho, you can actually hear your companion speak and are not drowned out by the hustle of other diners or music blaring in the speakers.

The Order

A fantastic place for cocktails, sharing a mixture of small plates and large plate starters and ‘Balls!’ (sic) if you not feeling too peckish. The latter consists of a mixture of crab cakes, vegetable shikampur and other ball shaped dishes.  For the hungry and carnal, try the lamb brains curry to start with followed by vindaloo ox cheek. Perfect place to take meat-eaters and vegetarians, lots on offer. For those who aren’t keen on spice, it’s possible to request mild options. The Indian British fusion cuisine offers twists on old school favourites such as seafood pie and shepherds pie. Perfect for wooing British and Oriental lovers.

The Game

This is the type of place that can’t be the sole focus of the evening. It’s a great place to take someone, before or after something else. As the restaurants open all day, you have a lot of flexibility and possibility. Go soak up Soho or go to the theatre and then come by afterwards. Or eat and go to see live jazz up the road. It’s a great place for a third of fourth date, a relaxed and intimate venue to catch up and go for fag breaks and kisses outside.

The Faults

Green hued lighting above the tables for two. A bit off-putting. Downstairs has the allure of a school gym.

Sex Factor

Depends. It has potential for tantalising shenanigans but it might be a bit too brightly lit for the first date, and the other diners vary from businessmen to families. Having said that, this could be a place to flirt discreetly (and build up lots of sexual tension) before getting frisky in the jazz bar down the road.

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