Duck and Waffle, Bishopsgate

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Duck and Waffle Heron Tower
The 24 hour restaurant.

The Vibe

Not many towers are open to the general public in London, which is why dining at Duck and Waffle on the 40th floor of the City’s Heron Tower is such an exciting prospect. The restaurant consists of a small stylish bar and a low key restaurant, providing a good alternative to Sushisamba one floor down. Following a lightning ascent in a glass lift, you will step into the vibrant bar embellished with shiny glasswork and tiny mosaic tiles. Only when the sun sets will you appreciate how well this decor complements the dazzling city lights below. The more sober restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere with its dim lighting and quiet music. This will keep your senses intact and allow you to focus on its best feature; the breathtaking view. The colour scheme here is brown and yellow, which matches that of its signature dish. In fact, the wavy panelled ceiling above even looks like a waffle.

The Order

The restaurant is a 24 hour operation, which explains why there are both breakfast and supper dishes on the menu. The food, engineered for sharing, is a hearty mixture of American and European cuisine. You can’t visit this place without sampling their signature dish, duck and waffle, which appears to have provided the theme for the entire restaurant. As you might expect, the marriage of poultry with waffle looks bizarre, but don’t be put off! The crispy confit of duck, fried egg and spongy base work well together, especially when doused in the sweet mustard maple syrup provided. If you’re a seafood fan, go for the octopus with chorizo, as well as the scallops which are presented on a block of salt allowing you to modify the salinity of each mollusc. If you can look attractive whilst eating organs out of a paper bag then you should go for the flavoursome pig ears too. One of the best things about this delicious, playful food is the price, with most plates coming in at around £10. The wine however, is overpriced, so stick to the artisanal cocktails from the bar. None of the options will be good for your waistline but that shouldn’t matter when they are so imaginatively crafted.

The Game

Whatever you do, agree to meet in the Duck and Waffle bar first for a drink before your reservation. Do not meet at street level, particularly if you’re on a first date – you don’t want to share your first three minutes together with strangers in a small vertigo inducing lift. When you’re at the bar, grab a cocktail (it doesn’t matter which one, they are all delicious) and get to know one another. Resist the natural English urge to remain nonchalant about your surroundings – the views here are phenomenal and worthy of vociferous admiration. When you move from the bar into the restaurant, make sure you chivalrously offer your companion the window facing seat. Sharing food will help you bond with your date, so get a little bit of everything and split between you.  Although the restaurant is open for 24 hours, you may get asked to vacate your seats after two, so do head back into the bar if you want to extend your night. Don’t go back down to earth as there are no local venues that can match this place for creativity, style or views.

The Faults

It is hard to fault this place, unless you are terrified of heights. The service isn’t as speedy as its lifts, but it won’t be so bad as to affect your overall experience. Steer clear of the overpriced wine list unless you are an oil magnate.

Sex Factor

4. The combination of unparalleled views, ingenious food and relaxed atmosphere makes Duck and Waffle a perfect date venue. Take someone you are interested in and stay until the sun comes up.

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