The Charles Lamb, Islington

The Charles Lamb Islington
Cosy and full

The Vibe

This is the place for lunch after you’ve spent the night together (providing you already hopped out of bed to meet a friend for brunch/see your mother/sort out your life). Hidden behind City Road, it is one of many village-like London pubs that rest on the corner of a small and empty street and are so small that every person who enters is briefly given the once over. This may explain why everyone who decides to stay looks at ease there, to the point of being territorial. The gastro pub food is scrawled on blackboards, there are unusual beers on tap, the majority of punters are in their twenties/early thirties and, at least when we went, they didn’t even take cards, how quaint…. Positives are: the food is locally sourced and tasty, the staff welcome you to their home and serve you quickly, and it’s cosy and so full that people happily spill onto the pavements, sitting out on the curbs and imitating a scene of pastoral content .

The Order

The seasonal menu is constantly changing. We had a great goats cheese, pear and walnut salad and a warming and rich seafood chowder. Certainly don’t expect the normal pub fare. If it’s a straight up hangover cheeseburger and chips you want, head elsewhere, Angel is full of those places. The house rose was dry and crisp, a change from the usual sickly sweet house offerings in other pubs.

The Game

You may have triumphed last night but at The Charles Lamb you will be spending a lengthy lunch that seamlessly leads into the afternoon/evening. That’s a lot of talking. Drink slowly and carefully manage the hangover. Order the same drinks, to tide you through the day in unison and provide a sense of comradery. It is important that you do not break the bubble that formed last night so be tactile from the moment you sit down, enjoy silences if they happen, relax. Part in the evening

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but suggest something next weekend. You both go back looking forward to sleeping alone, but content that you’ll see each other again.

The Faults

Expensive wine (£17 for a bottle), may have to share a table if only two of you, card machine sometimes doesn’t work.

Sex Factor

1- this place is for seeing if you can happily chill out together and moving things from nighttime frolics to daytime realities. There’s no pressure really, it either works or it doesn’t.

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