Beaufort House, Chelsea

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  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 5 years ago
You don’t have to be a member, but it helps

The Vibe

There’s a reason this place is featured heavily in Made in Chelsea; it’s the perfect place to while away the hours in a setting that has pride of place on the Kings Road. There’s also a reason that the mix of clientele (at least early on in the evening) consists largely of old Chelsea locals, young, good-looking parents and the occasional cougar or silver fox. The space is large and airy with the windows thrown open onto the Kings Road and the traffic lights outside ensure that your conversations will be interspersed with the roaring of a Maserati or the revving of a Ferrari at various intervals. The ground floor bar is open to all whilst Beaufort House members can choose between the upstairs brasserie or penthouse champagne bar.

The Order

Choose drink over food, especially if you’re downstairs. A glass of champagne is more than fitting here but if you’re not feeling the bubbles, there’s an extensive cocktail list – try the Lemongrass or Watermelon Martini or a Spiced Pear Mojito. Pick your night and you might just see someone requesting “The Chancellor” – a metre tall creation fuelled with a frivolous mix of (amongst others) Dom Perignon and Remy Martin Louis XIII. The dinner menu is appealing, if a little conventional, but it’ll cost you (£28 for a Beef Fillet and £19.50 for Halibut) and the portions aren’t big. Desserts however are great fun – Pimms Jelly with Mint Sorbet or Set Sweet Corn Cream with Popcorn Ice cream are all well presented and creatively thought out.

The Game

The bar here was just made for dates. It’s casual enough to make you both feel at ease but smart enough to make her feel special. The bar stools are fun to perch at but there’s far more to see from the arm chairs close to the windows. If you are going to eat, reserve one of the banquette seats to avoid awkward table height issues. This is the ideal place to meet straight from work, relaxed enough but with a subtle continental swagger.  It’s also definitely worth viewing the Members area which lends itself to prolonged and boozy drinks sessions*.

The Faults

The price of the food unless willing to just let yourself be swept away by the Chelsea night and the financial distortions it brings.

Sex Factor

4. Stay here all night or move on afterwards, and if all goes well you can be back here for brunch the next morning.

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