Roxie Steak and Wine Café, Fulham

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  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 6 years ago
Roxie Steak and Wine Cafe
” My favourite animal is steak”, Fran Lebowitz

The Vibe

Confidently offering to take your date to “a great little place you know” is usually followed by the crippling self-doubt of whether they too will actually think it all that great. Step in Roxie – a sleek little number that calls itself a Steak and Wine Café yet presents as a refreshing alternative to overpriced and macho focused steak restaurants. It cleverly divides itself into areas – a general eating space dotted with standard tables at the front, and a similar area at the back with more sofa style seats on offer. In the middle is a dark wood bar manned by handsome staff and directly opposite higher tables with (for once) comfortable stools offering the hottest spots in the house for dating couples. There are enough corners and candlelight for romance but also an all- evening buzz and casual chalk boards to take the pressure and pretence down a notch.

The Order

Commendably for a steak place, Roxie Steak and Wine Café doesn’t rely solely on its meat. The Peppadew, Feta and Marinated artichoke salad is excellent as is the Panfried Seabass. Girls should not however be discouraged from going in for the meat – these are female friendly steaks, offering light versions of each and sides such as Grilled courgettes and Green beans. Boys can let loose their inner caveman choosing from an impressive selection of burgers, Surf and Turf or “The Full House”. Start with a cocktail from their simple, unpretentious list then move on to share a bottle of red. Mains are filling but starters work well and desserts can be shared (try the South African inspired Dom Pedro- a liqueur laced milkshake).

The Game

Reserve a spot opposite the bar – you’ll be in the centre of the action and the room will fill up around you with an atmospheric crescendo. You’re in a good location with multi-directional options for before or after so foreplan in case you want to work this into a two-part date – on to Fulham and Kings Road bars, Parsons Green pubs, or back to that great little place they call home.

The Faults

It will be wasted on veggies.

Sex Factor

3. Girls will feel well fed yet feminine whilst boys will be on a testosterone high…it’s a match made in heaven.

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