Bubbledogs, Fitzrovia

A pedigree feast

The Vibe

There are a few posh fast food joints in town that Bubbledogs may resemble, with its wooden tables, high stools, wall shelves for overspilling crowds to perch at, cramped spaces and succinct menu. Bubbledogs embraces the trend of offering just one or two food options (enter Burger and Lobster, Tramshed, Meat Liquor), boasting a 10-item list of hot dogs and a massive range of Grower Champagnes. It is also a no reservation spot, unless in a group of 6 or more, which means you’ll have to take your chances on a date. With warehouse-chic exposed lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling, chic champagne glasses and jazzy red neon signs, it’s not quite a fast food joint, but you won’t be tucking up here for more than 90 mins. Make it a trendy, tasty start to the date.

The Order

Dogs and bubbles, obvs. There are some interesting options, such as the red cabbage and mustard dog, and a very sweet New Yorker with caramelised onions. However, there are two reasons to just play it safe and go for the Naked Dog (plain hotdog). One, because you’ll be able to get a good taste of the frankfurter and the bun, both of which are excellent. Two, because it won’t be such a mess to eat. That said, you might want to order two different dogs, ask for a knife to split them and playfully discuss the relative merits/pitfalls of each. Although you can accompany with tater tots or sweet potato fries, they make a slightly more greasy addition to what is a surprisingly light and tasty entrée.  Drinks-wise, go figure.

The Game

An ideal place to start off a Wednesday or Thursday night date. Heading there after work, the point is to show your companion a recently opened and gimmicky new spot (something to talk about) and get a quick-ish and cheap-ish bite to eat before moving onto another bar. By all means have a glass of champagne but this isn’t the place to linger for the rest of the night. To keep momentum, limit your stay to around an hour, then emerge onto Charlotte Street for a stroll past venues you want to ‘try next’ (setting up the premise for a second date). Depending on how you feel, either opt for some frozen yogurt/gelato afterwards and then call it a night, or head to Charlotte Street Hotel for a nightcap. Keep it chilled and be on your best behaviour.

The Faults

It’s harder to get a proper table if just the two of you so be prepared to sit on the ledge. That said, it’s a much easier spot for being tactile.

Sex Factor

1. It’s kooky and kind of charming, but a pit stop nevertheless. This is a nicely thought out mid-week date but really isn’t about the end game. Wander around, have fun, get to know them.

NOTE: The other part of the Bubbledogs project is Michelin-starred Kitchen Table, which sees head chef James Knappett (previously at Noma and Ledbury) serving and talking through an impressive European menu. 

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