The Booking Office at St Pancras, Kings Cross

Booking Office St Pancras London
Unfailingly romantic....

The Vibe

Old school railway stations are synonymous with romance: teary partings, heartfelt welcomes, separations and reconciliations. For every Julia Roberts weeping in Union Station, or Elizabeth Smart pining in Grand Central, there is a soppy fool who can’t help but bring a date here, whether embarking on a minibreak or seeking out achingly styled-up restaurants.

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel is unfailing romantic and its bar, The Booking Office, was made for dating. Both the outside of the building and the inside of the 29-metre-long bar are strikingly grand but the crowd is much the same mish-mash as you’d get in such a central hub- some tourists, some novice daters, some whiskey swilling older men and some girls dressed up to start their night. The diversity of the crowd makes the grandeur of the place that bit less intimidating, putting you gratefully at ease. Ignore the couples tables and perch at the high communal seating in the centre for a more intimate experience (and a greater opportunity to graze a thigh of two).

The Order

It’s all about the cocktails, more specifically the punch. The Charles Dickens memorial punch is hot, citrus, cognac heaven on a cold night, whilst the Champagne Cobbler is a perfect summer treat. Just be warned, they like their drinks real sweet so if you’re a bitters guy/gal, ask for advice. Whilst food is an option, you’d be better off just having some bar snacks (1/2 dozen oysters if you will ) rather than a full on meal; it’s just a pit stop on your evening out.

The Game

Yes it’s pricey but you wouldn’t want to spend the night here. Just use it for what it was intended for, a transitional moment of witty repartee and

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swooning. Have a couple of cocktails and then leave. Stay too long and the romantic gloss starts to fade as loud Americans on your periphery begin to grate. If you’re throwing your bank balance at this date, you will have booked some Eurostar tickets for afterwards. If you’re not, get the nice man on the door to hail you a cab to Exmouth Market for some outdoors drinks on a balmy summer’s eve.

The Faults

It could do with a few more Glamazons up in there to raise the style stakes. Then again, who wants the competition.

Sex Factor

A heartwarming 3. It’s romantic, it’s pretty posh, it’s all drink. The transport links are also fantastic, making the move from bar to bed that much smoother. Plus if you are hopping onto the Eurostar tipsy, the temptation to break some rules may be too much.

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