Slim Jim’s Liquor Store, Islington

Slim Jim's Liquor Store Islington
It’s the Valley, so make mine a double…

The Vibe

Think Coyote Ugly meets American Diner. It’s essentially a LA speakeasy, different from a New York speakeasy in that there’s less exposed brick, more red leather and a saloon style focus on ‘hard liquor’. Whether you walk in mid afternoon or late at night, the room is just as dark, the music is just as loud. Like the swell joint that it is, the bartenders are the types that will finish their conversation properly before they serve you, but when they do it’ll be with alarming familiarity. Any luck, your date will be impressed with your treatment as a ‘regular’ and let you take the lead.

The Order

There’s a plethora of bourbons at Slim Jim’s Liquor Store. Since you’re in a gimmicky joint, you may as well drink accordingly. No this isn’t North London, it’s the Valley so make mine a double.

The Game

Whilst the film-set vibe really does encourage you to prop up the bar with some salty nuts and your liquor, stay focused and remember why you’re here. Take your drinks to one of the darker booths in the back, slide in on the same side (you don’t want a table between you, corner them in), converse intensely, keep close and be tactile, but do respect the ‘handspan’ rule of personal space. The place is open from 4pm till 2am, so while you may have been masquerading under the pretense of a post work drink, try and stretch this baby out.  If all else fails, order shots.

The Faults

Less romantic, more sleazy, 85% likely to end in debauchery.

Sex Factor

4. If you manage to coax them into staying past two rounds of drinks, it’s probably on.

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