Freud Bar, Covent Garden

Freud London
Perfect follow-up to a pretentious art house movie

The Vibe

Descend the perilous iron steps into a little basement where, aside from the odd metal table and little perch, the focus is the bar and the bright blackboards of cocktails. You get the sense that you have walked onto a stage set, with its varying heights, random steps, rough materials and bodies unwittingly pointed towards an audience of two barmen. Hesitant to call it a prohibition bar, it is a slightly hidden joint and you will get cool points for bringing a date here, a positive haven in the middle of the West End.  Whilst it’s not exactly romantic, it’s a great option when you want to head to a cocktail bar without pomposity and price. Furthermore it is a stone’s throw from the Soho Curzon, so the perfect follow-up to a pretentious art house movie.

The Order

There’s a lot to choose from but cocktails tend to be between £7-£8 and beakers of wine (yah, trendy) as little as £4. Personally, to suit the rough and ready shack, I’d go for rum cocktails.

The Game

You’ve impressed him/her with the choice of venue, so sit back and try and look laid back about the whole thing. This isn’t the place for binge drinking, people all seem remarkably chilled, so use this time for good old fashioned conversation and some in depth film discussion. Like a bohemian student café, this is the forum for being deep and vaguely intellectual. The next date you can get hammered.

The Faults

You may get bored staying here all night but it’s good for a couple of hours. Some people may find the idea of wine in little beakers an assault on the senses (some may not care what receptacle the sweet nectar comes in).

Sex Factor

1. It depends how drunk you get but this is intended to be an add-on to the main date, whether a meal or the cinema. Use this time to wind down, reflect and then part ways feeling impressed at your self control and relative sobriety, happy to have discovered a new haunt and keen to build on your discussion about the distinctive and subversive technique of Lars Von Trier.


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