Kopapa, West End

Kopapa Covent Garden
A place to indulge every breakfast whim

The Vibe

The sister restaurant to Marylebone’s Providores, Kopapa is an all day restaurant specialising in breakfast and brunch. Whilst it is never acceptable to accompany a hangover feeding with a Stella, the moment you name the meal ‘brunch’ you are welcome to navigate your way through cocktail lists galore, pausing at vodka mixes en route to the champers. At Kopapa the vibe is West End polished canteen, in a place where you indulge every pernickety breakfast whim: poached not scrambled, wholewheat not sourdough, fried not grilled, hold the bacon. The presentation of the food is impeccable, the oversized white plates artistically adorned, perpetuating the notion that you are revitalising body and mind, despite chomping on crispy bacon, maple syrup and Perrier Jouet.

The Order

You can go really simple, or really exciting. A decent couple of poached eggs on brown bread with vegemite hits the spot; great quality ingredients and Delia-grade egg cooking. But for exciting, try the spiced banana French toast with orange blossom labneh, tamarind raisin relish, grilled bacon and orange vanilla syrup- a treat. Avoid the muesli though; with only a minute splodge of yogurt it is a dry old affair.

The Game

This is the preamble to a West End show or a early evening concert at Somerset House. Take it slow and stop at one cocktail (think controlled, think European). Before the show starts at 6pm you have time to walk the streets of Covent Garden, browse the shops and test drive what it feels like to be a couple. Get this right and they will have married you in their heads by the end of the night. [Warning: This may in fact be antithetical to your plan, in which case, RETREAT].

The Faults

Drinks take a while to come, but the place has just opened and is finding its legs.

Sex Factor

0. The necessary precursor to the nirvana of a real live relationship where the sex is on tap and the food is only a Dominos call away.


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