Bone Daddies, Soho

Bone me baby

The Vibe

Ramen noodle joints are popping up everywhere, with Soho already bringing us the wonderful Tonkotsu and Ittenbari. How they differ from old school joints like The New Culture Revolution and Wagamama is that they have stepped up the gastronomic game with a focus on quality of the ramen soup itself (no longer just a plain on miso). They fill their broths with all manner of boiled up bones and fat deposits, giving us a ramen that is rich, flavoursome and full of bits- nothing like the meagre offerings we’ve been used to.  Unlike the others, Bone Daddies manages to satisfy two vital criteria: firstly, our desire for a restaurant that offers just one dish but does it well, and secondly, our need for edgy interiors and paraphernalia that, just for a demi-second, will have us thinking ‘oh, this is a bit different’. With its nod to Rock ‘n’ Roll, a Soho location and high communal tables, this is the ramen joint for people who dated at Bubbledogs last week and Meat Liquor the week before.

The Order

The only thing you need to decide is chicken or pork, spicy or salty. Starters are excellently executed but the ramens are rich so just share one small plate- the soft shell crab was divine. Whilst we all like to slurp down our soup till the last drop, don’t feel any pressure to drink it all down as you’ll end up with too great a volume of liquid and noodle in your belly, not sexy.  The Tantamen with sesame, chilli, pork mince and bok choi is the choice for spice lovers, but the Tonkotsu is where their famous 20-hour pork broth can be sampled. Drinks-wise, the less liquid the better, so a few thimbles of sake (never a beer).

The Game

This is a warm-up of sorts and you’ll feel cosy, comfortable and well conversed by the end of the meal.  However, since it’s a shortish date (1-1.5 hours) there are now two options. You could call it a night and walk with linked arms through Soho, choosing the furthest possible tube and stopping on the way to face your date for an affectionate (rather than erotic) kiss. Or you could prolong the evening and move into a cavernous joint for nightcaps and full on snogs- Marks’s Bar or Milk and Honey (book in advance) will do nicely. Don’t make a play for sex, you are meant to be soothing your weary soul with noodles, cuddles and a final bourbon on the rocks.

The Faults

Some critics have pointed out that the ramen soup could be hotter but it’s arguably better to get the tastes when not battling with piping temperatures. It’s not the place for the whole date and, whilst you can play footsie across the high tables, you’re likely to be sharing a table so need to behave.

Sex Factor

1. Take a night off, reconnect and get your winter freak on (more food, less sex, amorous intentions).

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