Cookbook Cafe, Hyde Park Corner

  • DATE #107
  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 5 years ago
Cool and casual

The Vibe

Whisk into the driveway of the Intercontinental Hotel and walk into a fabulous foyer furnished with marble and mirrors. Move briskly past Theo Randall’s place on your left (too much for the early stages of dating), shimmy through lounges filled with guests sipping champagne and arrive at The Cookbook Cafe to an offering of food that will take down the hungriest of hangovers while maintaining a reasonable amount of decorum. Ideal for a weekend brunch, the all-you-can-eat array is a good choice for the morning after meal, albeit with someone reasonably high maintenance.

The Order

Bellinis are essential and are offered with pear, raspberry or peach. Start with these and move onto coffee later if you’re struggling. Buffets require tactical planning so circulate the tables before deciding on your plan of attack. The live cooking station makes eggs and pancakes, the cold platters include hams and sashimi and the dessert bar offers fruits, yoghurts and pastries. Nothing unexpected, but a lot that is good.

The Game

This is simply the continuation of a very long date.You will ideally arrive together since you spent most of the night before in the throes of passion.  If you haven’t already worked up an appetite then do so by strolling languidly around Hyde Park before stumbling into this scene with a glow to your cheeks. Go with the hair of the dog approach and make the most of bottomless bellinis whilst lining your stomach with the brunch spread. When you’re done, cab back to theirs to sleep it off together and wake at nightfall to bid affectionate farewells.

The Faults

Excitement at the buffet can lead to overindulging in the extreme so pace yourself.

Sex Factor

0. You’ve already done it.

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