Brunswick House Café, Vauxhall

Brunswick House Cafe
Wine in trendy tumblers

The Vibe

In a word, beautiful.  Antiques and chandeliers hang from the high ceilings of the Georgian antiques warehouse, Brunswick House Café boasts an open-plan shabby but most definitely very chic vibe, with a bar to hang around in after/before. The place is an architectural salvage company in the day, so it’s full of interesting, theatrical bits and bobs,  and everything is for sale.

The Order

The plates are tapas style in size, so order enough. You never really leave this place that full, which is a good thing on a date. The sprouting broccoli, anchovy and duck egg works well, but, like St Johns, it’s better if you stick to meaty options, like the bone marrow dish.  It truly peaks at dessert, with a phenomenally rich chocolate creation (spiced chocolate pot), and divine lemon curd terrine. Start with cocktails, then on to wine in trendy tumblers.

The Game

Don’t get overdressed for this place, it’s laid back but edgy. Embrace the eclectic setting by suggesting a range of plates to share, and a gin cocktail to start (oh you bright young thing!). Book for an earlyish table and stay well into the night, as there is little else around. Move from your two-man table to one of the bigger booths as they free up and proceed to make a move towards the end of the night once on the final bottle of red.

The Faults

It’s in Vauxhall.

Sex Factor

4. You are going to have to get a cab home if you stay late, so may as well take it to the same place.


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