Coppelia, NYC

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  • Written by Grace Probyn (Guest Author)
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Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem...

The Vibe

A 24/7 diner in the heart of Manhattan’s most dynamic crossroads – Chelsea, Greenwich Village and Meatpacking. You’ll be pleased to know of this spot for that late night hunger hit or the rolling drink date when someone needs to sober up quick. It might not be a particularly sexy restaurant but this Latin diner with a Cuban twist can pack a punch in both it’s extensive menu and spiked milkshakes.

The Order

Start with some cocktails – a spicy margarita, smoky negroni or a pitcher of sangria. If it’s 3am, this will keep you ticking and the night alive whilst you eagerly wait for the food to come. If it’s 8pm, you’ll get the night started right.

Order the guacamole which is served with corn, boniato and plantain chips giving you that sweet, sweet crunch. Their ceviche limeno with flounder, beef empanadas and croquetas de queso will get served hard and fast so make sure you’ve got enough space at the table.

The finish with a serving of their Tacos Campechanos. With crispy pork crackling (or chorizo as they phrase it), it’s both crunchy and served with a full side of rice and beans.

You’ll leave feeling stuffed, refreshed and ready to hit the town again… or the closest bed!

The Game

This is a late night spot, perfect for finishing a boozy date when you’re not quite ready to end the night, just yet. Arrive together to grab a table or you’ll be sat at the bar like a lemon waiting. Grab a pitcher of margaritas. Stare at each other over the crowded tables, touch hands over the sloppy food and get to the question part of the date.

You’ll remember this dinner for the laughter, good food and intimate questions flowing as the buzz of the room gets louder and louder.

Grab a boozy milkshake for the road and head home, together.

The Faults

This isn’t a first date kinda spot, unless it’s breakfast after the night before…

The Sex Factor


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