Coburg Bar @ Connaught Hotel, Mayfair

Money talks. Hotels facilitate.

The Vibe

Really one has to visit this place twice in one week. The first time, to swoop in and bag yourself some corporate hot totty. The second time, to date them properly.

Enter the Coburg Bar and it’s a whiff of expense, potent drinks and absinthe dreams. The suits may be there but so are impeccable fashionistas, chic businesswomen and some Internationals. It’s the sort of place you can order champagne at 4pm on a Tuesday and experience that virtuous tipsiness you feel on holiday. If dating, escape the main room and head to the two person tables by the window – more intimate. Then let the table service flow.

The Order

Hemingway’s Death In The Afternoon – champagne and absinthe – is a punchy start to proceedings. Even though it’s a drinks date, you’ll receive more posh crisps than you can munch through, big olives, fancy nuts. This is a two cocktail apiece kinda place – at almost £20 a pop, and industrial strength, just drag it out and soak up the vibes. The person who picks pays.

The Game

This was never a business meeting was it? It’s 5pm, so close to the end of the working day, and one of you makes a cursory glance at the cocktail menu. Well it is a Tuesday. Slowly loosen up, shed the suit jacket and by the end of the first glass tell your companion that you’d like to buy them another. Flirt in an ever so European manner, channeling Henry James’ flâneur, and quite literally charm the pants of them. Too much? Potentially, but things just got out of hand.

The Faults

Almost £50 for 2 drinks at the start of the week? Let’s make it a Friday next time.

Sex Factor

5. Money talks. Hotels facilitate.

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