Boneyard, Shoreditch

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  • Written by Dan Eaton (Guest Author)
  • 3 years ago

The Vibe

On the site of a former petrol station on Shoreditch High Street, Boneyard is a lumberjack and steel workers wet dream. Corrugated iron and reclaimed wood as far as the eye can see in this American smokehouse. The main attraction of the new PUMP site, which includes street food stalls and a large seating area. It evokes memories of that Bavarian Beer market that’s in Hyde Park every year, except it’s loads better and doesn’t have that weird talking tree. Due to licensing restrictions, if you want something alcoholic (of course you do) then you will need to head for the wooden shack next to the main eating area. A lumber yard complimented by bauble lighting and cacti is a perfect setting for a cocktail slushee and bottle of Sierra Nevada.

The Order

The Pork Bones are Hickory smoked on-site for 24 hours and smothered in a Bourbon BBQ Sauce and Maple Glaze and have the highest meat to bone ratio you will find. The pigs used must be related to chubby pig Muppet Howard Tubman from the amount of delicious meat on their bones. It was National Burger Day recently and although that day has about as much importance as National Make your Bed Day (September 11th – pop it in the diary) the Bone Marrow Burger is truly something worth celebrating. Two double patties of beef mince infused with Veal Bone Marrow topped with smoked tomato and cheese are truly exceptional. Order two as you wont want to share. Buttermilk dipped fried chicken pieces will not last long and you will be left surrounded by animal bones and a happy date. Go for the chilli chips, thin cut crisps slathered in cheese and chilli goodness. The super green salad with creamy avocado served on crisp butter lettuce will make up for all the carnivorous action (probably).

The Game

Make the last of the summer by drinking wine in the large beer garden at the Crown and Shuttle. Exposed brickwork, distressed wooden floors and a hefty craft beer selection are also on offer. If you want to get the feel of sitting outside but without that stupid London sky chucking rain at you then BLOCK is an ideal spot to have a few happy hour cocktails on the pub benches. The smells of Lebanese wraps and Spanish steak sandwiches will be too tempting to avoid, but evacuate and make the pilgrimage to Boneyard and you will not regret it.

The Faults

Might be cold come winter but just wear an extra layer yo.

Sex Factor

3 – There is nothing rude about the word Bone…

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