Bistro by Shot, Parson’s Green

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  • Written by Emily Eaves (Guest Author)
  • 3 years ago

The Vibe

Restaurant openings in London – the chance to scream, shout and keep your potential clientele out in the streets snaking around the corner in the hope they may be let in, after a 2 hour wait. None of that nonsense here. Understated and modest, the ‘home-style’ cooking promised at Bistro By Shot is actually a stunning menu rivalling Michelin starred eateries, whilst the salvaged timber design is in fact a clever blend of cutting edge and cosy. A minute’s walk from the Sloaney show of Parsons Green, Bistro By Shot is deliberately low key yet utterly brilliant.

The Order

Whether you want breakfast and a morning coffee (Allpress beans, La Marzocco machine, natch) after a boozy night together, or a three course evening meal, Bistro By Shot really do excel themselves. Get in with them now before the masses discover that their windows fold back and the bar stools will be THE place to enjoy an Aperol Spritz and their divine cured meats come summer. The mains are delicious, and everything that emerges from the kitchen will have you reaching for your camera – Instagram is allowed, you can even @bistrobyshot. One of you must try the starter sized Steak Tartare, and you should share the Chocolate Fondant for a decadent finale.

The Game

Meet at Parsons Green tube station. Throw them off scent by walking in the opposite direction to the green and proudly present them with this modest little gem, commenting on how you just love to go to neighbourhood places instead of giving money to the big guys. Sophistication is everything here – either order classic aperitifs, or go straight in for a glass of wine, or a bottle if it’ll suit both your food choices. Ask for recommendations, it’s highly likely you’ll see the Head Chef weaving in and out of tables chatting about the latest delivery he’s had or the best match to your main. Prime second or third date material, you’ll likely end up spending the evening here- pretending you’ll both go your separate ways when you emerge, satisfied and smiling.

The Faults

It’s specific to South West. The food is good enough to pull in Londoners of all areas, but the District Line journey may be a drawback.

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