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Private dating parties for twenty/thirtysomething Londoners and New Yorkers.

What happens when you run out of dating options? You’ve gotten with friends, and friends of friends, and now the social pond of options has been exhausted.

The only choices are:


Hit the bars and clubs of London/New York in the hopes of finding a drunken kiss that may just bloom into romance.


Continue to spend weekends with old friends, hoping that someone new will conveniently appear without you having to branch out.


Download Tinder, or discover yet another ‘like Tinder but’ app.

None of that appeal?

Social ConciergeSocial Concierge is a private dating events club for 20/30something eligible Londoners and New Yorkers.  Everyone on our books is vetted by our team; everyone has something charming about them, whether brains, looks or wit. Date concierge Nana Wereko-Brobby oversees the process, curating a great dating experience for clients..

Want to speak to the team?

Email or call her on 07467 949 495.


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